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Frequently Asked Questions

With clear and simple answers.


Deciding when and where to go

Where's the best place in Spain for a rural holiday?

We realize how important it is for you to be properly informed and advised before deciding where to go. Our Spain Holiday Guides explain in depth the attractions of the different regions, and special holiday areas within those regions.

What's the best time of year for a holiday in rural Spain?
It is a very good question and it largely depends on where you choose to go. Northern Spain and Catalonia offer a different climate, culture and experience to Andalucia in Southern Spain. Because of the geographical spread of the rural areas within Spain, and their differences in seasons and altitudes, the best month to opt for is not always obvious.
In addition to the information below, you can also click the Climate tab in our Spain Holiday Guides. It is summer that provides most variety:

Those intent on warm sunny days and swims should generally think: June to September, while in Andalucia other months (April, May and October) are also very possible for warm sunny days and swims. We also have some villas with heated pools. 
In Andalucia, the swimming pool season is long. At some villas, it can be year round. May to October is normally very warm and sunny. In Las Alpujarras, you should distinguish between the Low and the High Alpujarra. Low down in the valley, pools are often open in May and October. But higher up, in the mountains, the water temperature is too chilly (we think) before June and after September.
In Catalonia, the pool season is shorter than in Andalucia, but the Mediterranean climate gives every reason to expect a long summer.
Northern Spain (Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria) has a somewhat different, Atlantic weather system. July and August can be glorious and warm but also unsettled, and fairer weather can often be had in May, September and October. At Rustical Travel we know where the local microclimates are, which ensure milder weather and low rainfall, and we tend to feature properties in those areas. The spectacular mountainous landscapes of Asturias and Cantabria offer the best walking scenery and conditions. Galicia is warmer and here you will find a number of villas with swimming pools. If in doubt, ask us, and we will give you our honest opinion for any particular property.
If you have walking holidays in mind, Northern Spain and Catalonia are good all year round. In Andalucia, the hottest summer weeks of July and August present a challenge to hikers, unless of course you plan to do things Spanish-style, with shortish hikes early or late in the day, balanced by an afternoon siesta...
In Andalucia, the higher mountain villages (especially in the High Alpujarra) benefit from the altitude and even at the height of summer have balmy (but not hot) evenings and deliciously fresh nights. Cities like Seville, Madrid, Granada and Cordoba are very hot in July and August. They are exciting and wonderful places to visit but it's always a relief to return to the cooler, if still warm, environs of your rural holiday home.
If you are concerned about the heat at the height of summer, we can guide you to some excellent, clement options in the Catalonian Pyrennees, Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia, La Alpujarra and Sierra de Aracena. Having said which, even in hottest Andalucia, a shady terrace, country breezes and a pool tend to relieve the heat very satisfactorily.
The warmest areas outside of summer are Axarquia and Aracena and parts of Ronda. These areas are remarkably mild all year round and some pools remain open and usable even in winter months. 

A beautiful time of year to visit rural Spain. Days are warm and nights are cool. Wild flowers abound, the weather is kind and the countryside comes alive. Walkers flock to the mountains at this time of year. Some showers are to be expected in northern Spain, but the south is already warming up for summer and shade is welcome at midday.

Perhaps the most attractive of all the seasons. The days are still sunny and warm but a welcome chill returns to the night. The rural world relaxes, trees putting on their red and orange for the occasion, nuts are ripe, wild mushrooms appear and grapes are trodden into wine. Along with spring months, this is the most popular time of year for hikers all over Spain.

For some people, especially those who desire a genuine experience of rural life free of the bustle of tourism, winter is the best time of all. Days can be remarkably dry and sunny, especially in Andalucia, and when rain falls, it brings snow to the higher peaks. Unhurried villages, healthy hikes along foot and mule paths, good country fare and log fires offer a holiday that no other season can give. Villas with heated pools create luxurious conditions in winter time. 
What will the weather be like?
If your holiday is approaching and you want a weather forecast, you can get a 7-day forecast for the location where you will be staying from Wunderground. US holidaymakers used to temperatures in Fahrenheit might prefer Accuweather. If you wish, you can contact us before you arrive to ask us for the weather forecast.

Before you book

Are the prices per person or per property?
Prices are for the property. You will have full and private use of the villa or cottage and its facilities as described. But where reduced prices are offered for fewer guests than the maximum capacity, the price is normally subject to some bedrooms being left closed and unused.
Are the prices in euros?
Yes. Rustical Travel is a Spanish holiday company and makes all charges at the euro prices advertised. Your bank will translate the euro sum into your local currency when you pay by card. No currency fee is applied by Rustical Travel and none is charged. Important: please note that the currency convertor feature on our website that switches the euro price to other currencies is provided as a guide only and shows the approximate price only in other currencies, calculated according to the exchange rate of the day. The final price and charge applicable is always the euro rate as shown.
Is there any booking fee or surcharge, for credit card payment, for example?
Not with Rustical Travel. Our prices also include VAT and there are no extra or hidden costs. We also operate a no surcharge guarantee. The price you see is the price you pay.
Are there any extra costs at all?
It's unlikely, but possible. Normal domestic use of gas, electricity and water are usually included in the rental price. Only occasionally, a property may charge electricity separately, or charge the excess over normal use for facilities that involve a high consumption of electricity: for swimming pool heating, air conditioning or central heating, for example. If so, this will be clearly stated in the Booking information for the property you are booking. Firewood is not normally included (unless we specify otherwise) and purchasable locally. Additional services requested by you such as catering, maid service or babysitting, are payable locally.
How do I book my holiday?
Explained in simple, clear terms:
What are your booking conditions?
They are clearly explained here:
Can I book for less than a week?
Almost all our properties have a minimum one-week price and this applies even if you can only come for 5 or 6 nights. A few villas can be booked for short breaks in quieter seasons, in which cases the daily prices are available on application.
Isn't it cheaper if I book direct?
The simple answer is: maybe, but let the buyer beware.
There are at least four good reasons for preferring to book and pay with Rustical Travel.
As a genuinely Spanish company (Rustical Travel is based in Madrid), our close working relationship with local owners and euro pricing allow us to offer very competitive rates.
More importantly, ours is not an advertising site. Properties do not (and cannot) pay to be featured on our site. Instead, they must meet our exacting standards, pass a rigorous inspection, and be special enough for us to feel that we can recommend them. There are far more properties that fail to make it onto our site than those that do. Note that our published descriptions are independent assessments: on pay-sites, owners may allow their enthusiasm to overstate the qualities of their property.
Also, we advise you to be very careful with Internet scams. The most reputable Internet sites for direct bookings with owners do themselves warn users and owners about the dangers of phishing (identity theft). Criminals can pretend to be the owner and take your money without either you or the owner being aware until it is too late.
Lastly, since no direct booking with owner constitutes a legal contract guaranteed by industry insurance, it is only as reliable as the particular owner with whom you make it.
Generally speaking, when making a holiday booking, it's better to be safe than sorry, even if you pay a little extra. 
Rustical Travel is a registered property management intermediary agency with statutory insurance cover as required under European Union law. It is a registered, bonded Travel Agency with the Ministry of Tourism, Madrid (Spain) Nº CICMA2297.
Rustical travel is also a member of ABTA with membership number Y6086.
Does it have to be a Saturday start?
It depends on the individual villa or cottage. Saturday is the most common changeover day, especially for villas with pools during the summer season. But some properties are quite flexible about the arrival and departure day. Below the availability calendar for your villa, the Booking information will tell you if there is a clearly defined changeover day.
Is a security deposit required?
Some properties require a security deposit, some don't. If an owner does require one, the amount is stated in the Booking information on the individual property page. This sum is typically held against your credit card from the first day of your booking until three weeks after departure and then cancelled automatically. Sometimes, a security deposit is payable in cash on arrival and refunded at the end of your stay. Although such cases are very rare, in both instances Rustical Travel or the owner reserves the right to make deductions from the deposit for breakages, loss or damage to the property, or exceptional cleaning.

Your holiday property

Will I have total privacy and tranquility in my accommodation?

We inspect and assess each rental property thoroughly before accepting it onto our website. If we consider that your peace and quiet might be compromised by untoward noise or busy roads, that property will be weeded out by our selection process and rejected before reaching our website. Rustical Travel cannot control the entire locality of a property, however, and there may be some village or country sounds, or some other temporary noise or fiesta.
You will enjoy full and private use of your holiday home. Do bear in mind, however, that houses with pools and gardens require regular maintenance to ensure that they are kept to high standards. So a caretaker or gardener is likely to come to tend the facilities, but they will be aware that your privacy is important and there will hopefully be no need to inconvenience you at all. If you require an extremely high level of privacy, please ask us specifically for a secluded property with no neighbours.

Can we bring more people than originally booked?
It depends. If additional people wish to come on holiday with you, then you must contact us with the request. If the request is possible, the increase in party size may affect the price for the property and additional charge may be due. The number of occupants must never exceed the maximum number of people (including children and infants) that the property is advertised as accommodating. This is for your own comfort as well as the stipulation of owners and a condition of booking with Rustical Travel.
Can I bring a dog?
Only a few holiday properties allow you to bring a dog and generally under strict conditions, which may include a supplement or a damage deposit, and always with an undertaking that your pet will not climb onto furniture. Please ask if you want to bring a dog to a particular house or villa and we'll let you know if it's possible.
Are bed linen and towels provided?
Yes, all bedding and bathroom towels are provided, although you should bring your own towels for outdoor (pool or beach) use unless pool towels are specifically indicated as included for that property.
Is there Internet/WiFi at my villa?
If your selected property has internet or WiFi, it will be stated on the Facilities on the property page. Please note that the quality and reliability of an internet connection cannot always be guaranteed. If an internet connection is of particular importance to you, we strongly advise you to ask Rustical Travel whether the property you propose to book might have a limited internet service only. If your property doesn't have internet, ask us and we'll find out the nearest public place that does.
Is there air conditioning?
If air conditioning is provided, it will be listed as one of your villa's facilities. Traditionally built rural properties, especially, are generally designed to deal with the local climate, and benefit from breezes and shade which allow one to live with doors and windows open to the natural surroundings. Room fans are normally provided where necessary. If air conditioning is available, there may be a charge: check your villa's Booking information.
I'm coming with a baby: will there be a cot?
A cot can be provided at many (although not all) our holiday properties, and generally free of charge. Email us and we'll let you know. If a cot is supplied, you are asked to bring your own bed linen for it. Some properties also have a highchair, but do note that highchairs are less common in Spain and while we will attempt to supply them on request, they cannot be guaranteed.
Are there TV channels in English?
Unless cable or satellite TV is indicated, most channels will be in Spanish (or Catalan). However, the new digitalized TV service may allow you to change the language on some films and programmes to English using the remote control. Where satellite TV is indicated, a few channels will be in English, and probably French & German, too. In 2014, the transmitter satellites for UK channels serving a large area of Europe, including Spain, were changed and many previously free channels were lost.
What are the cooking facilities?
At your holiday villa or cottage, you will find most of the standard appliances that you would normally expect to have at home. Just occasionally, a kettle may be an unexpectedly absent item as the Spanish are not traditionally tea drinkers. A few properties lack an oven. See Facilities on the property page for a description of the villa's kitchen equipment.
Is cleaning included?
All our self-catering properties are properly cleaned and prepared prior to your arrival and a clean change of bed linen and towels is provided for each new week of your holiday stay. Unless stated as included for that individual property, additional cleaning and washing is not included and you are kindly requested to leave the property in as good a condition as is reasonably possible.
Will there be a welcome pack?
Welcome packs are not normally provided. If you will be arriving at a time when shops are closed and would appreciate some basic grocery shopping bought in for you, ask us in advance (at least one week before the start date of your holiday) and we’ll do our best to organize it. This service might be provided by some property managers, but not all of them. We make no charge for this service, but the person providing the service may do so: we'll inform you beforehand so you can decide if you want the service.
Will any supplies be provided?
Property rental with Rustical Travel is for the accommodation as described only. While you will commonly find some basics, such as salt and pepper, you should not assume any supplies. It generally depends on what the previous clients have left and whether cleaners have cleared away old foodstuffs. At least one roll of paper is provided in WCs.
Will there be parking available at my holiday property?
Normally villas located in the countryside will have plenty of space for you to park the car. There will usually be allocated places for this and often with shade. If your holiday property is located in a village, unless it has private parking advertised, which is not that frequent in old traditional villages, you will need to park on the public street and subject to availability. Some villages may have narrow and / or steep streets. Parking is normally free of charge in most villages.

Travelling to your holiday property

Do you arrange flights, ferries, car rental or airport transfers?
Rustical Travel is a holiday property specialist only. It’s easy (and cheaper) to book travel and car hire yourselves and we ask you to make you own travel arrangements. To see the nearest airports or ferry ports for your property click on the Location tab on the property page. Only occasionally, we may be able to help arrange airport transfers, but please ask us well in advance.
Do I need to get travel insurance?
We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance to provide comprehensive cover for your holiday and your holiday party. If you need to cancel the holiday, without travel insurance you stand to lose at least the holiday deposit and possibly flights as well if unfortunate medical circumstances or similar prevent you from travelling. The accommodation booking with Rustical Travel does not include travel insurance.
Who do I ask about passports, visas, health cover and travel advice?
For full information and guidance on these matters, you should contact the relevant government department in your home country eg
How do I find my villa?
The nearest airport (and ferry port in Northern Spain) and the distance to your chosen holiday destination can be seen by clicking the Location tab on the property page. Well in advance of the holiday we'll make all practical arrangements with you. We'll organize the check-in time and email you detailed directions to the property or meeting point with the keyholder. If you prefer to travel by public transport and would like advice, please contact us. 
Remember that it is your responsibility to phone the keyholder on arrival and that an operative mobile phone will usually be a necessity for this purpose. If you are unable to contact the keyholder, phone Rustical Travel on one of the emergency numbers on your directions and we'll do our best to help. 
What time can I check in at my holiday property and what time do I have to check out?
Check-in is normally between 5 pm and no later than 10 pm only.
The particular check-in time for your villa or cottage will be arranged with you well in advance of the holiday by a Rustical Travel team member.
Check-out is by 10am unless arranged differently by special request.

Why can't I arrive earlier than the arranged time?
1. If you arrive earlier than the time pre-arranged by Rustical Travel, the person contracted to meet you will not be on duty and may not be available. This applies equally when the owner is the keyholder. They will organize their day with its obligations to work and family in advance, making sure to be available for you at the stated time, but not before.
2. The house needs to be properly cleaned and prepared for you. Rustical Travel prefers not to pressurize owners about early arrival, since we are the first to insist that holiday homes are not only clean but well-presented, and naturally this takes time. You will appreciate that owners also take a natural pride in wanting their accommodation to look and be at its best for you and they have a right to be allowed to do so.
3. Early arrival inevitably puts cleaning staff under stress. They feel obliged to finish much more quickly than they had planned and can thus be prevented from doing an adequate job.
4. We know that owners who perform their own cleaning and preparation are often upset if you arrive earlier than the stipulated time, even if it is just to drop off luggage. They want to greet you in a well-presented manner and expect you to give them the opportunity to wash and change clothes before meeting you.

Why can't I arrive later than 10 pm?
Unlike hotel staff, who may be contracted to work 24 hours, the keyholder for your holiday villa or cottage is contracted to receive guests until no later than 10 pm. After 10 pm, you should expect to make alternative arrangements for the night. Please note the importance of this fact when organizing travel to your holiday destination. Late arrivals may exceptionally be possible to arrange and they will normally incur an extra charge.

Why must I check out by the arranged time?
Cleaning staff who arrive at the check-out time are expected to start work and your cooperation in vacating the property by that time is a requisite. The contract for your holiday booking ends at that time on the last day and remaining in residence beyond that time is not permitted. 
If it is especially important to you to arrive or leave outside the permitted times, it is essential that you contact us well in advance. It may be possible and we will do out best to arrange it for you, but you should be aware that it is by no means guaranteed. 

About Rustical Travel

Are you in Spain?
Yes. We think it’s vital to be based in the country where you operate as a specialist holiday provider. Although our staff are an international mix, Rustical Travel is a Spanish company with its Offices in Madrid, whose central location in the country means we are in touch with all the areas where we offer villas. Most of us are Spanish and able to bring to our clients a breadth and depth of knowledge about Spain that foreign agencies simply cannot.
Is Rustical Travel a legally registered travel and tourism agency?
Yes. Rustical Travel is a fully bonded Travel Agency with the Ministry of Tourism (Madrid, Spain) with Registration Nº CICMA2297. The financial security of our Agency is guaranteed by the Ministry of Tourism under Spanish law.
Is Rustical Travel a member of ABTA?
Yes, which means means UK clients have the benefit of ABTA’s assistance and Code of Conduct. The holiday arrangements you buy from us are not covered by ABTA's scheme of financial protection (and you should ask us about insurance). Our ABTA membership number is Y6086.

Need help?

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